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Buy a bracelet to support our stylist Caley and her family as her husband Elliot fights cancer. 

all profits will be donated directly to the family. 


As owners of both Mila & Viv and D'AMICI Salon Dee and Debbie are reaching out to their amazing community for support.  Caley, our D'AMICI Stylist, has been part of our D’AMICI Team since we opened our doors 11 years ago. She has played a leading role on our team, mentoring  and coaching our stylists helping them build their careers. She’s is beyond important to all of us. She is kind, hardworking, loving and selfless. Caley has been nothing but supportive to our team but also to owners Debbie and Dee.

We are selling bracelets to raise money for Caley & Elliot as he fights and beats cancer. All profits will be donated to the family to help support their needs on this journey. 

It’s our time to show Caley , Elliot and their beautiful baby Evie extra Love! Elliot is fighting cancer and every bracelet sold for  Hearts for Hensel will go directly to support Caley and her family. 

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