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True love stories can be found in books (AND on apps)! As Caley Elliott swiped through the latter, she landed on a cutie that stood out not only by his looks—she said, “You guys are never going to believe this…” but with a guy who had the same first name as her last name. As we all know, the rest is history!


Caley and Elliot were making all their dreams come true, celebrating a new home, and—in the throes of renovations—being blessed with their sweet baby girl Evie. Oh, and they managed all this while planning an international wedding. They already had their hands very full… and then their lives were drastically turned upside down.


Elliot began to experience sudden neck and back pain and went to the chiropractor. Soon after, he had an MRI and subsequently saw an oncologist for CT scans and biopsies. The results turned out to be something far worse than they ever could have imagined. He had a large mass on his lung, tumors in his stomach, and swollen lymph nodes. On 6/21/23, Elliot was diagnosed with Burkitt’s Lymphoma, a very rare and aggressive form of lymphoma.


There is some good news. Though the disease is extremely fast growing, with a doubling rate every 25 hours, it also means the cancer dies aggressively with the right treatment. The plan for this is intense inpatient chemotherapy 4-5 days per month for about 8 months.


We are confident Elliot will get through this, and we are in awe of the family and friends who have shown unwavering love and support. Please continue to keep Elliot in your hearts and in your prayers and send them lots of positive thoughts and energy throughout this battle.


Caley and Elliot are two "doers." They work hard, and they don’t complain. They are incredibly dependable, always showing up on time, grinding nonstop, and barely ever taking a day off. But now, everything is different.


This is where we all come into play. They would never admit to needing all of us, but they do. These contributions will be to support their new family of three—food, their mortgage, their NEW BABY, and more. Any contribution counts and will help in more ways than you can imagine!


To follow along the journey please join the Facebook group “Elliot’s updates”

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